Anne M. Jeans Elementary School, Willowbrook, Illinois

anne jeans lounge

fun and practical seating

Junior sized lounge chairs and ottomans are ideal for this K-5 elementary school. Upholstered in a bleach cleanable, ink resistant fabric make this seating a cheerful and practical solution.

flip-through early readers

LFI’s popular mobile browsing bin shelving pops with signage. Students can easily flip through the early readers on the bottom two rows. The top rows were reserved for spine-out capacity shelving.  

anne jeans mobile estey shelving

flexible and height-adjustable

Height adjustable training tables allow for sit to stand with a turn of a handle. Tables are on casters for ultimate flexibility.

highlighted non-fiction

Single-faced non-fiction shelving is topped with colorful signage and a top row face-out display to make important books stand out.

comfortable floor seats

These fun little seats are a nice change from sitting at a desk. Easy to clean and to move around. 

compact and mobile

This teacher desk is just the right size to work with added storage.